Gabor Mate on the biology of Loss

Gabor Mate is by far my favorite speaker when it comes to childhood development, parenting and substance abuse. Gabor has dedicated his professional working life to understanding trauma and delivering a comprehensive therapeutic model to the world that is changing our understand of trauma and the related illnesses like substance abuse.

One of Gabor Mate’s most important statements is that the first 3 -7 years are decisive for a child’s development. In these first years, children above all need rest, attention, attachment and as little stress as possible. If this is not the case, there is potential for all sorts of diseases and problematic behaviors – especially addictive behavior. Toddlers always have two needs: attachment and authenticity. Authenticity is always given up in order to maintain loyalty.

„In this video Dr. Gabor Maté illuminates the sources of developmental challenges, childhood and adult mental disorders, and physical health issues as originating in the prenatal, perinatal, and early childhood periods.

Based on Dr. Maté’s bestselling books and on current neuroscientific and developmental research, the presentation focuses on how we can prevent maldevelopment through attuned parenting and restore and foster resilience in children already facing developmental challenges.“

Quelle: Youtube

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